"Coming together is the beginning,

Keeping together is progress,

Working together is success,

-Henry Ford"


Partners eDemocracy Forum


Welcome to Partners eDemocracy Forum where Freedom Ambassadors at Partners for Freedom & Democracy come together to exchange ideas that form the basis of democratic governance, craft resolutions on issues pertaining to the inequities of democracy in given societies and develop programs and initiatives to implement those resolutions.

The purpose of Partners e-Forum is to provide a means of exchanges and to foster discussion on democratic governance around the world.

Participants exchange ideas and are asked to remain abreast of the social and economic environments in their respective countries.

In addition, Partners eDemocracy Forum is designed to elicit participation of members on issues relevant to development in their communities. Volunteers are encouraged to develop program models that result from discussions.


Topic Duration Resources
Volunteers Meet and Greet June 1–8, 2007  
Democracy Around the World: A Focus on the democratic systems in the United States and Africa June 22, 2007 Suggested Readings & Discussion Questions
American Democracy
The HIV/AIDS epidemic and its impact on development: An agenda for Generation 21st Century June 25, 2007 HIV AIDS Resources I
HIV AIDS Resources II
HIV AIDS Resources III
AIDS Unemployment and Poverty

HIV Aids Discussion Questions
HIV AIDS Amongst Blacks
Resources on HIV and Widows
HIV related Stigma and discrimination resources


Partners eDemocracy Forum Rules of Participation

The following are the rules and conditions of participation in the Partners for Freedom eDemocracy Forum (“Partners eDemocracy Forum”). By participating in Partners eDemocracy Forum, discussants agree to be bound by the following terms of participation:

1. Keep to the Topic
Keep topics within the eForum purpose.

Be Respectful and Courteous
Partners eDemocracy Forum is a Partners volunteers Forum that brings together individuals with various views. In order to maintain the level of professionalism necessary for the proper exchange of ideas discussants must be respectful and courteous to one another. Improper speech such name-calling and insults will not be tolerated. Personal attacks or public threats against the safety or security of participants are not allowed. If you receive private communication from another participant that causes you serious concern, you may communicate that to the Moderator. PLEASE NOTE: Partners accepts no responsibility for the opinions and information posted on this Discussion Forum by others

3. Privacy
As Partners eDemocracy Forum is for registered volunteers, discussants shall not forward messages to third parties.
4. Right to Post and Reply
Partners eDemocracy Forum is only open to Partners for Freedom & Democracy Volunteers. Only those who are registered e-Forum members may post messages.
5. Removal
Discussants found using defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal information or material will be promptly removed from the forum and their membership with the Partners will be automatically terminated.
6. Public Content and Use
All postings shall be of an informational nature and for informational purposes only. In sharing content, discussants inform members of their intent to retain their copyright. If the information posted is discussants personal work, they shall properly cite the source (name and title of the author and location of the information such as website address will suffice). If discussants would like to reference a fellow discussant, properly reference the message author (discussant).
7. Moderator Responsibilities
The moderator will guide the discussions and ensure that messages between discussants are properly disseminated. The moderator retains the right to reject or hold messages for posting. If the discussant does not comply with the required Rules, the moderator has the right to inform the member via email to request compliance.
8. eForum Sponsor and Publisher
Partners for Freedom & Democracy is the sponsor and publisher of Partners eDemocracy Forum. Postings will not be screened by Partners for Freedom. Members are required to abide by the Rules of Participation. Postings will not be screened to prohibit different views from those of the Board of Directors or any member.
9. Liability and Disclaimer
Partners for Freedom respects freedom of expression as a means to encourage social change and development. Partners for Freedom and Democracy will not be held responsible for the views of individual members and liable for any claims by individual participants or any third party. Members are responsible for making defamatory statements against any participant.

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"The fundamental test of a democracy was its capacity to elevate the condition of men, to lift artificial weights from all shoulders, to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all.

A real democracy would be a mentocracy where those born in the lower ranks could rise as far as their natural talents and discipline might take them".

Abraham Lincoln

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